SEO Promotion


SEO Promotion


SEO Promotion

HellNet-DEVELOPMENT has been specializing in the promotion of sites in Google search engines for more than 12 years.

To bring the site to the first positions in search engines, we carry out a whole set of works:

  • SEO audit. Checking the site for SEO errors and their elimination.
  • Structure and design analysis.
  • Study of the structure of the site and its adjustment.
  • Checking the structure for compliance with optimal parameters for search engines.
  • Competitor and niche analysis. Full business analysis and development of a strategy that will help bring the site to the TOP for all search queries.
  • Effective work at Google.

After the completed work, you will be able to increase income from the site in 3-4 months. The main goal of promoting sites in HellNet-DEVELOPMENT is complex work on the site to display commercial requests in the TOP 10 leading search engines and Google!


Service We Provide

We provide the following services of website development


Turnkey website creation with custom design and page filling.


Turnkey landing page with custom design up to 18 sections.


Online store with catalogue and cart with online payment and delivery.

WordPress SEO

WordPress site optimization for Google ranking

WordPress Security

We can cleand and protect your WordPress website from malware.

WordPress Fixes

We can do any WordPress, HTML, CSS fix on your website.

SEO promotion

from 85 $
  • Tech. site analysis
  • Site optimization
  • Primary SEO settings
  • Promotion planning
  • Buying links


The final cost of promotion depends on many factors, on time, the state of the site, the positions of competitors, etc.

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In what order do we work?

We will conduct a technical audit of the site, look for problem areas, and create a report.


We analyze competitors, prepare a plan for promotion.


We order backlinks, site runs in catalogs and databases.


We correct errors found during the audit.

We optimize SEO parameters of site pages for search engines.


The first results can be expected after 4-8 weeks.



Competent SEO promotion involves several main stages:

  • STAGE 1. Site audit and promotion strategy development. At this stage, there are two types of work aimed at promoting the site: Initial analysis. Identifying the reasons for the low popularity of pages, prompt elimination of errors. Selection of the semantic core. Selection of keywords for pages, calculation of cost and time for their promotion. It is especially important to conduct a thorough analysis. This will allow you to choose the optimal strategy for a specific case. CASTCOM specialists will offer the most effective approach to promoting the site and developing the client’s business.
  • STAGE 2. Internal optimization. At this stage, work is aimed at improving internal optimization: analysis of the site structure, internal linking. It is important to make the structure simple and understandable for users. Internal linking will increase the number of transitions between pages and increase the time users stay on the site. Technical optimization. Working with site code, duplicate pages, creating markup, checking server operation. Title and description adjustments. Content optimization. Work on writing unique texts and creating visual content. Usability improvement. Site conversion analysis and work on its improvement. If no other information is specified in the contract, the initial optimization is usually performed within the first 30 days after signing the contract.
  • STAGE 3. External optimization. Exchange links in posts, articles, news and forums. To distinguish a website from competitors, to make it more attractive to users – all this concerns the tasks of optimization and promotion. It is the measures included in this service that help to significantly increase the level of trust in the site on the part of search engines.
  • STAGE 4. Attracting traffic from additional sources. To do this, we offer customers the purchase of contextual, banner and targeted advertising, which will help to quickly increase sales.


Prices for website optimization and search promotion are determined individually, which is due to the influence of a whole list of factors: the term of existence of the Internet resource, as well as the date of domain registration; the number of search engines in which promotion takes place; the number, popularity and seasonality of requests from the formed semantic core; regional binding of the site, the number of regions where the resource is targeted. Each project is unique to us, so we provide a full range of services for site optimization for Google.


It is worth understanding that SEO is a very delicate matter that requires investment of time and money, but it pays for itself hundreds of times compared to targeted advertising. My practice shows that the first real results appear after several months, and the more time passes, the better the positions become. My cases show that after spending a nominal $300-$400 per week on targeted advertising, clients did not receive real orders, and the SEO work carried out currently shows very effective results in sales of highly specialized goods for several thousand US dollars per month without any investment in this moment


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